A re-imagined version of the classic Asteroids® as a single or local multiplayer shooter. Dodge and strafe your way to victory against insurmountable odds. Compete on the global Leaderboards using either modern "Twin-stick" or classic "Tank" controls, and see how you stand up to the best pilots.



  • Classic [i]Asteroids®[/i] style game play with options for Twin-stick style controls
  • Huge wrapping arena
  • Wide assortment of power-ups and threats unlocked throughout the levels
  • Forward and reverse thrusters
  • Primary, secondary, and defensive weapons
  • Customize primary and secondary player ship colors
  • Reticle indicating location of items of interest including enemies and players
  • Damage system based off physical, mechanical, and electrical properties
  • Campaign mode providing a gentile introduction and progression through the levels
  • Free Play mode providing instant and insanely intense action
  • Up to 4 local players
  • Join at any time
  • Unlimited credits (configurable)
  • Cooperative or not - you decide (configurable)
  • Separate local and global leaderboards for both First Credit and Any Credit high scores
  • Achievements
  • 4K+ resolution support
  • 60Hz-240Hz+ support
  • Original soundtrack with support for Steam music
  • Configurable controls: Classic, Hybrid (single-stick), Modern (twin-stick)
  • Supports common controllers: Xbox 360/One, Dualshock 3/4, Keyboard


Solaroids: Prologue - Trailer 2 YouTube

Solaroids: Prologue - Current Feature Highlights (Fall 2018) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (366MB)
Solaroids - Compete on Leaderboards - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Discover Many Uses for Missiles - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Intense Combat Only Level 4 - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - It's too Much - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Share or Split the Screen - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Power-up You'll Need Every Ounce - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Become the Hero - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Repair Your Ship or Lose Your Power-ups - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Decide Player Risk - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Defend Your Sun or Die Trying - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Full Sensory Experience - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Adapts to Players - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Better with Friends - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Protect the Sun Time is Running Out - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Defensive Measures - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Seamless Drop In-Out - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Repairable Attachments - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Become Unstoppable but Don't Lose Your Focus - Trimmed 10sec- Optimized 100.gif
Solaroids - Hostile Space Environments - Trimmed 10sec - Optimized 100.gif

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Solaroids: Prologue Credits

Chad Yates
Producer - Artist - Music - Design - Programming

J. P. Lacerda
Brazilian Portuguese

Lei Huang
Chinese (simplified)

Tim Bakkum

Clément Santangelo

Thomas Rühl

Lorenzo Padula

Pawel Zatryb

Alexander Ashikhin

Ivan Andrijasevic

Juan Pablo Campaya

Stefan Persson

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